About Us

We are a purpose-built 24*7 studio, based in Business Bay

Our offerings revolve around providing a professional and adaptable production environment for a diverse range of clientele, including influencers and travelers, ensuring a seamless and efficient content creation process. From Headshot to candid, from commercial to product photography, our studio serves as the canvas for your creative projects, guaranteeing smooth execution and increased productivity.

We host a well-designed space equipped with top-class equipment and trained camera crew with over 20+ years of combined experience.

Professional Production Team (20+ years of combined experience)

We have a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in producing high-quality content for podcasts, videos, and photos.

In-House Equipment Availability (24*7)

We offer access to our in-house equipment to clients, ensuring that they have the necessary tools for conducting their productions at any time.

Influencer-Focused Workspace

The environment is tailored to suit the needs and preferences of influencers, understanding their unique requirements for content creation.

Additional Amenities for Visitors

Apart from production facilities, we offer additional amenities such as free coffee to enhance the experience for clients and visitors.

Appealing Environment for Product Display

The studio environment is designed to showcase products effectively for SME’s, enhancing their presentation for marketing or promotional purposes.

Crafting a Unique Brand Story

We help clients develop and communicate a compelling brand story that aligns with their values, objectives, and target audience.

Efficient Video Production Turn-Around Time

We commit to delivering video production efficiently within a specified and agreed-upon timeframe.

Customizable Studio Setup

The studio can be tailored and configured according to the specific requirements of clients, providing flexibility in set design and layout.

Services for Travelers to U.A.E

Specifically catering to travellers coming to the United Arab Emirates, we offer photography and videography services optimized for a limited timeframe.

Guaranteed Fixed Price

Clients can expect a consistent and fixed price for the services, eliminating any financial surprises or fluctuations.

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